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How To Work

CrowdVista is one of the leading crowdfunding platforms in India that is creating a way for companies or organizations to organize campaigns and collect funds for their running projects. We are connected with multiple NGOs in India and they use our platform to showcase their needs through a post. In that post they request users to help them with funds or products that they immediately require to help people. People can explore the posts and can decide for which cause they want to help. We made this platform extremely simple so that people can easily donate products by purchasing them as similar as e-commerce sites. The payment procedure of the site is really easy and once you purchase a product, we will deliver that to respected NGO so they can utilize them earliest. We are really transparent and you can track the product utilization and can see the details of the campaign anytime.

This is the last but not least cause of crowdfunding as in this one people gives you money and you give them some rewards in terms of thanking them to support you. In this type of crowdfunding people should trust you that you are taking their money for a right cause.

How Crowdfunding Website Works

This is the important point that we should consider if we want to understand crowdfunding better. There are many websites are available nowadays on the net that are working on crowdfunding. Some are working for their own cause means they post their cause and ask people to donate them. For this, you should make your account on the site by providing your details and can fund them money. Other ones are allowing people to post their cause and ask people to fund them. For this, you can make your account and can post your cause and the way that how and where you will use these funds. If people found you genuine they will fund you.

Spinning Circles