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About us

Welcome to CrowdVista.org

We introduce ourselves as one of the leading online crowdfunding sites for charities in India that is completely transparent and you can donate directly products rather than cash. The main reason for starting this platform is transparency in donations because when we donate cash to some site, we are not aware of where they are using that. So, here we are not taking any kind of cash. We are only delivering happiness in the form of products donated by you directly to the needy people.

Many of us desire to donate some small amount of their salary to needy but lack of transparency stops them doing this. So, we considered the situation and made a combination of technology and crowd-funding to provide you with a way to make donations easier and accessible for everyone.

We are engaged with many NGOs all over India that are helping the needy people without any discrimination. Our network and donors are increasing exponentially as people are giving their hands to fulfill the needs of others. Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any kind of query regarding donations or our services and join us to spread happiness in the world.

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